Members of the Association are to be found at the forefront of the provision of professional services to farmers in agri-business in all parts of Ireland. Many of our members are publicly recognized as leading experts in their particular fields and many are frequently featured in media comment on events as they unfold in the agricultural sector.

Many agricultural consultants have specialised in niche areas but the following range of services is indicative of the wealth of expertise available within the Association:-

  • Farm technical advice in all areas of farming.
  • Farm planning.
  • Forestry consultancy, acquisitions, planting & management.
  • Farm management and consultancy.
  • Farm Accounts, Income Tax, PAYE, VAT, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • European Union (EU) and Government related schemes in agriculture and farming
  • Public Authority, Government & Local Government acquisition of lands and property – assessment and negotiation.
  • Insurance claims advice to legal profession and attendance as professional witness in court.
  • Project management and new business set-up services.
  • Environmental consultancy including preparation of environmental impact statements and preparation of integrated pollution control licence applications.
  • Land valuations.
  • Laboratory analysis of agricultural products and inputs.
  • Farm buildings and yards, layout and planning.