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The Registered Agricultural Consultant (RAC)



  1. The concept is aimed at achieving:-
    • greater recognition and respect within the industry
    • greater recognition and respect by Government Departments
    • setting a baseline for the minimum required standards for all non Teagasc advisors (including those subcontracted in by Teagasc).
    • Exclusivity (along with Teagasc advisors but not including Teagasc sub-contractors) in signing off on all relevant scheme applications (ACA is currently actively pursuing this aim).
    • abolish the enigma that is the term ‘planner’ for ever
    • to create a ‘gold standard’ for all practitioners who wish to participate
    • to also accommodate those who for whatever reason do not wish to engage with or do not satisfy the CPE requirements
    • for ACA to take ownership of administrating CPE for all practitioners before some alternative organisation does so.



  1. ACA will be the body responsible for awarding and policing the designation.
  2. The designation will be RAC (Registered Agricultural Consultant).
  3. ACA members may continue to use the MACA designation if they so wish but it is envisioned that RAC would be seen as the higher designation and presumably only those members who do not meet the CPD requirements will continue to use the MACA designation.
  4. Persons eligible for designation will need to satisfy all of the following conditions:


  • Level 8 graduates in Agricultural Science or equivalent.
  • Persons with at least two years relevant experience.
  • Persons with Professional indemnity Insurance cover of €200,000 minimum.
  • Persons who are working on their own behalf as an agricultural consultant or working for a firm of agricultural consultants as a director, partner or employee.
  • Persons who sign up to an approved CPD programme (ACA will determine which programmes are approved)) and who meet a specified number of CPD points in any year.
  • Persons who sign up to observe a code of conduct similar to that in operation by ACA.



The programme will commence immediately and members are entitled to use the designation from now on. The first CPE return will be due by 1 January 2017 and will require a minimum of 75 credits. Thereafter, participants will require a rolling two year average of 100 points ,e.g., if you have 75 points in 2016 you will need 125 points in 2017 to meet the minimum rolling average requirement.

Please contact the ACA Secretariat on 051-645705 to Register

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