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ACA launches new professional designation for all private agricultural consultants

The Agricultural Consultants Association whose members deal with more than half of all farmers in the country has launched a new professional designation for all private farm consultants. The new designation is the Registered Agricultural Consultant (RAC). Private consultants who wish to use the designation RAC will be required to engage in a demanding Continuous Professional Education programme along with observing a strict disciplinary code as well as holding professional indemnity insurance cover. It is expected that the designation will become the industry standard for all of the 400 plus private consultants currently operating in the country.

ACA president Laura Johnston has heralded the new designation as the dawn of a new era in the provision of professional farm advice, an era where farmers can rest in the certainty of a very professional and accessible service where the relationship between the farmer and the consultant is a long term one. Ms. Johnston stated that she expects that most private consultants will adopt the new designation and that in time only such private consultants will be permitted to operate and sign off on all relevant Department of Agriculture and E.U. grant and knowledge transfer programmes.


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