Become a Member

Become a member


  1. Membership shall be confined to professional graduates in agriculture, who hold a degree in agricultural Science or its equivalent ( level 8 ) who practice primarily as agricultural consultants. Agricultural consultancy is taken to mean the provision of advice in some or all of the following areas:
    • farm advice in all areas of farming;
    • farm planning;
    • credit application;
    • farm management and consultancy;
    • farm accounts, income tax, P.A.Y.E., VAT., Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax;
    • European Union and government related schemes and directives;
    • Public Authority, Government and Local Government acquisition of lands and property (including assessment and negotiation, oral hearings and arbitration);
    • Advice to the legal profession, insurance companies and other appropriate bodies or persons;
    • Advice on sale and purchase of agricultural holdings including
    • quotas or entitlements;
    • Land and property evaluations;
    • Laboratory analysis of agricultural products and inputs;
    • Farm buildings and yards, planning and layout;
    • Any other activity which the Council may deem to be within the realm of agricultural consultancy.
  2. Experience of 2 years in a relevant field shall be a necessary prerequisite for membership.
  3. Intending members shall be proposed and seconded by a minimum of 2 existing members.
  4. Full members shall be practicing primarily as agricultural consultants. Agricultural graduates employed by banks, financial institutions, fertiliser firms, co-operative societies, accountants and/or similar occupations or employment shall be expressly excluded from membership.
  5. All intending members should have professional indemnity insurance of a minimum of €150,000, with a certificate of the same available for inspection, at all times while he/she continues to be a member of the Association. Additional insurance may be required by the Council outside of Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  6. For an application to be considered a certificate of Professional Indemnity Insurance must be produced within a time limit laid down by the Council.
  7. For renewal of membership, a certificate of professional indemnity insurance is to be provided as per paragraph 6 above.
  8. Having satisfied requirements with regard to insurance, the Association may issue a membership certificate for such period as is the applicant is covered by the necessary insurance.
  9. The Council may, by a two-thirds majority of members present at the time, accept or reject applications for membership as it sees fit.
  10. All applicants applying for membership or the renewal of membership of the Association shall apply on the official form provided by the Association.
  11. The Council may require that applicants provide any documentation or proof (including academic and/or professional certification) that it may request in considering any application for membership or renewal of membership.
  12. In all cases, the final decision in relation to membership shall remain within the discretion of the Council. The decision of the Council is final. The Council is under no obligation to provide reasons for its decision.
  13. Each member accepts an implied term that they will be bound by the disciplinary procedures laid out and appended as "appendix one" to this Constitution and Code of Ethics.

Part V
Associate Membership

  1. Holders of degrees or diplomas in agricultural science, environmental science,agricultural engineering, rural development (to a minimum level of 7) or its equivalent may become an associate member and may practice in their own right or in the employment of a full member. Approved graduates who are also employed in appropriate agri-business employment may be eligible to become associate members.
  2. Associate members are subject to the same professional standards as full members and are bound by the disciplinary code of the Association.
  3. Associate members shall be required to have a minimum level of experience at the date of application for membership.
  4. The membership fee for associate members shall be decided by the Council.
  5. Associate members are required to have personal indemnity insurance or to be covered by the professional indemnity insurance of their employer.
  6. An applicant who is eligible for full membership may not become an associate member.

Membership is open to professional graduates who hold a level 8 qualification in agricultural science or its equivalent and who practice primarily as agricultural consultants.

Become a member